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PCB is turning into POLITICAL CRICKET BOARD, That’s not good




I have recently watched some of the Pakistan Cricket Team’s matches. After a long time, an ODI format tournament is happening – the Asia Cup 2023. Unfortunately, Pakistan has been eliminated from the tournament. Over the last decade, only three teams have dominated this competition: Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and India.

Asia Cup 2022 vs. Asia Cup 2023:

The last Asia Cup tournament took place a year ago, where Pakistan also lost to Sri Lanka. The main difference between that match and the recent one was that last year’s event was a T20 format final, while this year’s was an ODI semi-final.

PCB’s Impact on Team Performance:

I’d like to shift the focus from discussing Pakistan’s team performance and player criticism to a critical issue concerning the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), often dubbed the “Political Cricket Board.”

Changing Leadership at PCB:

In my opinion, when a new regime assumes control of the country, they should refrain from meddling in the functioning of various departments. Imran Khan appointed Ramiz Raja as PCB Chairman, which resulted in a noticeable improvement in the team’s performance. The players began to develop confidence and performed exceptionally well in the T20 World Cup 2021 against India, reaching the semi-finals. They also had a strong showing in the Asia Cup 2022 and reached the finals. Additionally, in the T20 World Cup 2022, they made it to the finals against England.

Positive Changes Under Ramiz Raja:

Success is not always about winning trophies but also about how you compete. We observed a change in Pakistan’s defensive mindset, largely attributed to Ramiz Raja’s leadership. He replaced the entire management, including coaches, with former Pakistani cricketers, which played a pivotal role in changing the team’s outlook.

Political Interference Under New Government:

However, with the change in government, specifically when the PMLN took charge, we began to witness negative changes. The first sign was the replacement of the PCB chairman, Najam Sethi. While I have no objections to Najam Sethi, it raises questions when a team is thriving under one leader, only to be replaced due to political influences.

Zaka Ashraf’s Appointment:

The appointment of Zaka Ashraf was a turning point, marking the politicization of the PCB. Zaka Ashraf, a political figure, struggled to comprehend cricket and player dynamics. His appointment disrupted communication within the team and the coaching staff. Unfortunately, when a person is politically appointed, it often leads to financial motivations rather than a genuine interest in the sport.

Issues Under Zaka Ashraf’s Tenure:

One notable issue during Zaka Ashraf’s tenure was the frequent turnover of PCB staff when new chairmen came in. This disrupted players’ familiarity with the staff, impacting team dynamics. Additionally, favoritism became prevalent, causing discontent among cricket enthusiasts.

Foreign Coaching Staff vs. Former Cricketers:

A recurring problem was the appointment of foreign coaching staff. I believe this is a flawed approach. Ramiz Raja, a former cricketer, understood the players’ mindset and appointed former Pakistanis as coaching staff, ensuring better communication within the team. Zaka Ashraf’s choice of Mickey Arthur as Pakistan’s team coaching director, with a less-than-stellar record, further exacerbated the team’s issues.

Lack of Motivation and Confidence Issues:

The absence of a strong motivator in the dressing room, especially after losses, has left players demoralized. Criticism, both internal and external, has added to the pressure on Captain Babar Azam, a talented player facing undue scrutiny.

Possible Fixing Allegations:

There are speculations of match-fixing, possibly involving political figures around the Pakistan team. While bookies may not directly influence players, they can influence the political people present around the team.

Asia Cup 2023 Challenges:

The very first problem was India. As Asia cup hosting rights were with Pakistan, but India denied to come to Pakistan. At that time a strong PCB chairman having the approach of that if they are not coming to Pakistan then Pakistan is going to host Asia Cup 2023 without India was required. But due to politicized chairman, nothing this type of argument was made.

The second problem was also India. As they were not willing to play in Pakistan, the venue was changed. And it costs PCB as well as in terms of Rain. As many matches were washed out due to rain.

The third problem is media. There are many sports journalists who are spreading many fake news about the players which lowers down the moral of the players.

An eye on Asia Cup 2023 Final

Before the Asia Cup 2023 final, Sri Lanka’s top bowler was ruled out due to injury, a pattern observed when teams face India. This raises suspicions of match-fixing.

So before the final, the top bowler of Sri Lankan team ruled out of the Final match due to injury. My question is whenever any team’s match comes against india, why their players are injured? That is a valid point. who ever shows great performance against India, in the next match, he is injured. That thing points to the Fixing. And How the Sri Lankan team performed in the Final, it is difficult to digest.

“Well Paid India” Memes:

Memes circulating on social media, featuring “Well Paid India,” reflect public sentiments about the influence of the powerful BCCI (Board of Control for Cricket in India).


Political interference within the PCB has adversely affected Pakistan cricket. The team’s performance, morale, and integrity have been compromised due to political manipulation within the cricket board.

Note: The analysis in this article reflects my personal opinion and not specific news reports.


Babar Azam’s Whatsapp message Leaked, Zaka Ashraf denied rumors



Babar Azam Whatsapp

Babar Azam did not call me, Zaka Ashraf rejected Rashid Latif’s claim. And provided Babar Azam’s alleged personal whatsapp message as a proof.

Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) Management Committee Chairman Zaka Ashraf rejected all the claims regarding calls from Babar Azam and non-payment of salaries to the cricketers, saying that the national team captain did not call him, whatever Those making such claims are liars.

Former national team captain Rashid Latif had claimed in PTV Sports program ‘Game On Hai’ that Babar Azam has been sending messages to Chairman PCB for two days but he is not replying.

He said that Chairman PCB is replying to Salman Naseer and Usmanwala but what is the reason why he is not replying to his captain.

In this regard, Zaka Ashraf Rashid Latif, the head of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) management committee, dismissed the claim as false and said that it could be part of an agenda.

Zaka Ashraf, while giving an interview to sports journalist Shoaib Jutt in ARY News’ program ‘Bouncer’, said that the Pakistani captain never contacted him directly.

He said that Rashid Latif’s statement is wrong, which is regrettable, I think it is also part of an agenda.

He further said that he (Rashid Latif) says that I am not picking up his (Babar Azam’s) phone, Babar has never called me, the team captain can only talk to the Director of International Cricket or the Chief Operating Officer. .’

On the question of Pakistani team players not getting salary for the last 5 months, Zaka Ashraf said that there is a procedure of the board under which the cricketers sign the central contract, for some reason the players could not sign it before going to India. ‘

He said that now we are sending this contract to India, when the players sign, the money will also reach their account, neither the players are going anywhere, nor the board is going anywhere.

Zaka Ashraf added that the chairman of the previous board had given NOC to the players to play leagues. When the time came for the World Cup, the fitness problems of the players came to the fore. are giving

When asked about the performance of the cricketers in the World Cup and the removal of Babar Azam from the captaincy, the head of the PCB Management Committee said that whatever the results, after the World Cup, cricket experts will consult what is best for Pakistan, Not that Babar Azam is the number 1 batsman, he requested that the players should not be called bad during the event, their morale is down.

He said that ex-players and public are requested to speak positively about cricketers.

Inzamam-ul-Haq had no hand in World Cup team selection.

Regarding Pakistan team director Mickey Arthur’s participation in the meeting before the World Cup via Zoom from England, Zaka Ashraf said that it was Najam Sethi’s decision before me, my decision has not yet been implemented. Two year contracts were given, I could not terminate the contract.

He said that the senior cricketers suggested that the coaches should not be teased as it would harm the team.

Zaka Ashraf said that after the Asia Cup, he had a meeting with the captain, vice-captain, chief selector, coaches, and had a separate meeting with Babar Azam. The team was satisfied with the selection, Hafeez and Misbah suggested Shadab Khan’s form, the captain and coaches asked to keep Shadab in the team.

He said that Inzamam-ul-Haq did not have a hand in the World Cup team selection, our cricket that is going on is not modern day cricket, apart from this, I cannot say anything about friendship in the team, but the fitness and performance of many players is in front.

Zaka Ashraf asked to play Babar Azam’s alleged personal WhatsApp message on the media.
The alleged WhatsApp message of the national team captain was also shared by the TV channel regarding Rashid Latif’s claims and Babar Azam’s phone call to Ashraf.

ARY news leaked Babar Azam’s Whatsapp message

The alleged WhatsApp message aired on the live TV program was between Babar Azam and PCB Chief Operating Officer Salman Naseer.

According to the screenshot of the WhatsApp message, Salman Naseer tells Babar Azam that ‘Babar, on TV and social media, the news is circulating that you are calling the chairman and he is not answering, have you called him recently?

To which Babar Azam allegedly replied that ‘Salam Salman Bhai, I did not make any call to Sir’.

It is not clear whether Babar Azam has agreed to share his personal message on live TV or not, as leaking private messages is considered a breach of privacy.

Public Bashes ARY news for sharing babar’s Message without his consent:

During the same programme, former Pakistan cricketer Azhar Ali questioned whether the PCB chief or the TV channel had taken Babar Azam’s consent before telecasting his personal message live.

Later, the host of the said program Wasim Badami shared a video on his social media platform in which he admitted his mistake for broadcasting Babar Azam’s WhatsApp message on the media.

Waseem Badami explained, claiming that he was initially hesitant about broadcasting the WhatsApp message to the media, but since the PCB chief had given him permission to show it on the TV screen, the message was broadcast to the media. It was decided to broadcast.

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ICC admits error in DRS during Pakistan vs South Africa World Cup match



icc drs

The International Cricket Council (ICC) admitted the error of the DRS in the match played between Pakistan and South Africa in the World Cup.

Yesterday in Chennai, South Africa defeated Pakistan by one wicket in a must-win match after a thrilling contest. With the help of half-centuries from captain Babar Azam and Saud Shakeel, the national team scored 270 runs in pursuit of the target. The Proteas had an aggressive start but poor umpiring and bad decisions cost Pakistan in the final overs.

In the 46th over, a ball from Haris Rauf, bowled wide outside the crease, caught Shamsi on the pads, and was declared not out by the on-field umpire, who was saved by the umpire’s call on DRS.

After this decision, it sparked a debate in cricket circles and fans around the world, while former cricketers Harbhajan Singh, Irfan Pathan and Gautam Gambhir also criticized the decision.

Another review in the match between the two teams also caused debate on social media, on which the ICC had to give an explanation. On, Osama Mir made a strong appeal, on which umpire Paul Raffle declared him out, but on review, he was declared not out.

The ICC admitted its mistake, stating that the first DRS replay shown was wrong, while the second DRS replay was correct, so van der Dusen was dismissed for 21 runs as Osama Mir. The flipper ball was touching the wickets straight.

It should be noted that the loss against South Africa in the World Cup has almost ended the national team’s World Cup semi-final journey.

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How PCB threw the cricketers under the bus?



PCB babar azam

The board has thrown us under the bus,” the national cricketers began to complain.

Many senior national cricketers feel that the PCB has left them alone to bear all the criticism in difficult times, not supporting and defending as it should have done.

Talking about this, a player said that criticism is natural after defeats, but we regret the attitude of the board, which did not support, first there were false reports of fights between players, when we told our manager through our manager. When the complaints were brought to the authorities, the pressure was increased by unnecessary press releases, we just wanted the correct facts to be brought out, in the meeting everyone expresses their opinions honestly, disagreements also come out but sometimes there is a fight. It didn’t happen.

Blame Game: Captain vs. Coaches in Team Decisions

He said that not only the captain takes all the decisions of the team, the coaches also participate, but all the blame is being put on the captain.

Describing the press release based on the support of the players by the PCB as absurd, the said player said that it also said that the team was selected by the captain and the chief selector, and Misbah-ul-Haq, the head of the cricket committee, also made decisions. It looks like the players will be blamed if the team doesn’t make it to the semi-finals. Preparations were not done, although we came to India fully prepared, but unfortunately we are not getting satisfactory results so far.

Foreign Coaches Under Pressure

On the other hand, the foreign coaches are also not happy with the situation. According to the sources, the rotation policy was started a few months ago to give the players a rest, but when the administration gave instructions to “win at all costs”, they came under pressure. But further action was abandoned which led to problems.

On the other hand, PCB rejected the perception of not supporting the players and said that we always stand with the team, that’s why by issuing a press release, they also requested support from former cricketers and fans.

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